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Solar Cart Updates

This semester has been fulfilling for the Solar Cart Project. In January and into early February, we have made significant process in completing the solar charge controller. The code for programming the controller is completed, and we are in the process of completing the soldering of the circuits.


In early March, the group will be splitting into two subprojects: building a solar lamp and building an LED cube. For the solar lamp project, we will be using a solar panel to charge AA batteries, and these batteries will supply power to a circuit containing LEDs. This circuit will be put into a jar, creating a night light that can be made with different color LEDs. The LED cube will be made by soldering 27 LEDs into a cube using both series and parallel circuits. The cube will also have an Arduino attached to it, allowing the owner to program in certain lighting patterns for the cube.


After completing those two projects, the group will begin constructing two new solar panels. This project is designed to help team members to better understand how solar panels work, and it also gives these members the opportunity to practice soldering.