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SEO Solar Cart Visits Graham Primary

The SEO Solar Cart Project Team had the wonderful opportunity to visit Graham Primary School on April 24, 2015. The school is just East of OSU, so it was nice to reach out to students so close by. After months of work the solar cart was completed and many projects were added.


The day started with a brief presentation of solar energy, including the benefits and disadvantages of related technologies. The third graders that were there had been studying coal and its effects on the planet, so they were already engaged in the subject and already knew a lot of what we talked about. From pollution to the finite nature of fossil fuels, these students were well informed. 

The main portion of the day was filled with a variety of fun activities relating to solar power. The students were divided into five teams of five, with SEO members as team leaders, to engage the projects more intimately. The projects that we took included a piano, an RC car powered with solar charged batteries, a "kid-powered" hand crank generator, and a solar tracker. It is important to engage with solar energy, rather than just learn about it in an academic setting. This allows the kids to learn while driving a car or playing music. If they have fun doing something, they are more likely to learn from it. 

It wasn't only the third graders that were having fun though. The SEO members had a blast too! I was amazed to see the third graders taking notes (something I would not have done back then) and I got to talk to a few of them about microcontrollers and soldering (something I never expected them to know about). Overall it was a great experience for everyone involved and I look forward to a continuing partnership with Graham Primary School and any new schools that we get to visit.