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Only 3 Weeks Until Haiti Service Learning Project

The 8 student Haiti Project team is in furious preparation mode as our trip nears. We have been engaged in system design this semester, and things have come together to the point that we have our full design plan, and are generating a bill of materials to purchase both here in Columbus and upon arrival in Haiti.

Team Members PlanningTeam members discussing plans, and breaking down design during a planning session.

An important part of the project is sustainability, so we are purchasing our major components (solar panels, power electronics, batteries) in Haiti, both to stimulate the local economy and to make sure replacements are available in-country. We also avoid the horrendous international shipping charges!


The Torch of Hope school is in the process of adding a second floor to their newest building addition, and this 2nd floor roof will be our panel location. We are currently working with our Haitian partners to choose a roof mounting system that will provide security for the panels, as theft of solar power components is very common.


We are all very excited to be traveling to Haiti, and further updates for the 2015 trip will follow.