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Site Assessment for 2014 Trip

A team of engineering students is deigning a solar panel installation project for a school in the rural village of Fauge, Haiti. Seven of the students designing the project will be traveling down over spring break 2014 to implement the project and one of those seven, Amanda Broseus, traveled to Haiti in December to perform a site assessment. 
The December trip was a success for the group, Amanda was able to evaluate the school, the portion of the roof that will hold the panels, along with the adminstrative office of the school where the battery box may be safely placed. Amanda was also able to speak with the founder of The Torch of Hope Mision group, who created the school, and disscuss numerous concerns about the installation process and panel care once installed. Power demands that the school was hoping to have fulfilled with the panels were also disscussed. 
Throughout the week Amanda, and the others who traveled with her, meet with several Haitian University Presidents and Professors, in the hopes of establishing a collaboration with Haitian sudents and Ohio State students. Two of the universities visted had Civil Engineering programs and were very interested in working with the SEO engineering team on this spring break's project, and on future projects. The two universities were also close to the location that the team will be working at in March so they would like to send some students to work with the SEO team and recieve some hands on education too. 
Another goal of Amanda's December trip was to locate and price materials that the team could buy in Haiti for the project, in an effort to support the Haitian economy. Two primary shops were visited where Amanda was able to find small solar panels, outlets, a grounding rod, and other needed materials. The contacts of three possible panel sources, two from Haiti, and one from Canada, were also obtained. 
With the information, contacts, and pictures obtained in the December trip the SEO team designing the installation project is hoping to have an even more successful, and well planned design, than the past three years.